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of % 
K« 2Clux 


K - U N O 


Imperial Palace 
Atlanta, Ga. 





nf % 
Kit IKlux 


This book is the property of the Knights of 
the Ku Klux Klan (incorporated) and is loaned 

Klan No Realm of .... 



Ku Klux Kreed 

WE, the Order of the Knights of the 
Ku Klux Klan, reverentially acknowl- 
edge the majesty and supremacy of 
the Divine Being, and recognize the 
goodness and providence of the same. 

WE recognize our relation to the gov- 
ernment of the United States of 
America, the supremacy of its Con- 
stitution, the Union of States there- 
under, and the Constitutional Laws 
thereof, and we shall be ever devoted 
to the sublime principles of a pure 
Americanism and valiant in the de- 
fense of its ideals and institutions. 

WE avow the distinction between the 
races of mankind as same has been 
decreed by the Creator, and we shall 
ever be true in the faithful mainte- 
nance of White Supremacy and will 
strenuously oppose any compromise 
thereof in any and all things. 

WE appreciate the intrinsic value of 
a real practical fraternal relationship 
among men of kindred thought, pur- 
pose and ideals and the infinite bene- 
fits accruable therefrom, and we shall 
faithfully devote ourselves to the prac- 
tice of an honorable Clanishness that 
the life and living of each may be a 
constant blessing to others. 


—Original Creed Revised. 






























Exalted Cyclops (President) 

Klaliff (Vice-President) 

Klokard (Lecturer) 

Kludd (Chaplain) 

Kligrapp (Secretary) 

Klabee. (Treasurer) 

Kladd. _ (Conduct or) 

Klarogo. .(Inner Guard) 

Klexter .__ (Outer Guard) 

Klokan (singular) (Investigator) 

Klokann (plural) (Board of Investigators) 

Night-Hawk (Ohg. Candidates) 

The first four named are station officers. 
The Night-Hawk is purely a kloranic officer. 

Series 1, No. 4. 




Ever holding the best interest of the Invis- 
ible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, in 
mind and heart, and having had committed to 
me the sacred trust of its government ; I there- 
fore, by virtue of the authority vested in me, 
follows, — 

The Kloran is "THE book" of the Invisible 
Empire, and is therefore a sacred book with 
our citizens and its contents MUST be rigidly 
safeguarded and its teachings honestly re- 

The book or any part of it MUST not be 
kept or carried where any person of the 
"alien" world may chance to become acquaint- 
ed with its sacred contents as such. 

Its secrets MUST be held secure by you, and 
the prescribed ' 'secret work' ' must not be used 
in any other than a legitimate manner. The 
signs MUST not be used only when necessary. 

No innovation will be tolerated, and no fri- 
volity or "horse-play" must be allowed during 
any ceremony. 

All klansmen are required to study and im- 
bibe its wholesome teachings and morally 
profit thereby. All klansmen are required to 
undergo an examination on the Kloran by the 
Exalted Cyclops of his respective klan, or 
another officer designated by him, before he 
can be an eligible applicant for knighthood. 

I hereby enjoin upon all Exalted Cyclops 
and their Terrors to study CAREFULLY the 
kloranic INSTRUCTIONS given herein in 
light-face type; to commit to memory espe- 
cially their respective parts, and to demon- 


strate same in ceremony in a graceful, forceful 
and dignified manner. 

1 his decree is as binding as if its verbiage 
was incorporated in the Oath of Allegiance. 

IN WARNING : A penalty sufficient will be 
speedily enforced for disregarding this decree 
in the profanation of the Kloran. 

Done in the Aulic of His Majesty, the Im- 
perial Wizard, Emperor of the Invisible Em- 
pire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, in the 
Imperial Palace, in the Imperial City of At- 
lanta, Commonwealth of Georgia, United 
States of America, this the 26th day of June, 
Anno Domini Nineteen Hundred and Sixteen, 
Anno Klan L. 

Signed by His Majesty — 

Imperial Wizxr d, 




The official form of the Klavern is a perfect 
quadrate, with the official stations in the 
corners, as indicated above. 




Just prior to the opening of the klonklave, 
the Klaliff will procure the mounted flag and 
stand it at and in front of his station ; the Klo- 
kard will procure the altar flag and the un- 
sheathed sword and place same on his station 
with flag folded compactly; the Kludd will 
procure the vessel containing the dedication 
fluid and the bible and put same on his station, 
and the Night-Hawk will procure the Fiery 
Cross and stand it at and in front of the sta- 
tion of the E. C. 

The time having arrived for the opening of 
the klonklave, the E. C. (in his absence his 
substitute) will ascend his station, and stand- 
ing will give one rap with his gavel and say : 

"All present who have not attained citizen- 
ship in the Invisible Empire, Knights of the 
Ku Klux Klan, will retire to the outer den 
under the escort of the Night-Hawk. 

"The Klexter and Klarogo will take their 
posts and faithfully guard the entrance to 
this klavern." 


After all the applicants for citizenship shall 
have retired, the Klexter and the Klarogo will 
close their respective doors, the Klarogo mak- 
ing his secure. After this is done no one will 
be allowed to pass the Klarogo into the klavern 
until the klonklave is duly opened. All sub- 
stitute officers shall be appointed at this 
point. The E. C. will then give three raps with 
his gavel and take his seat. (The officers do 
not assume their stations at this time.) The 
E. C. will then command— 

E. C. "The Kladd of the Klan." 

The Kladd will advance to a point about five 


feet in front of the station of the E. 0., salute 
and say : 

Kladd. "The Kladd, your Excellency!" 

E. C. "You will ascertain with care if all 
present are klansmen worthy to sit in the 
klavern during the deliberations of this klon- 

Kladd. "I have your orders, Sir." 

The Kladd will then collect from each 
Klansman present the countersign and pass- 
word. As he approaches a Klansman, that 
Klansman will whisper the words into the ear 
of the Kladd and resume Ms seat immediately. 
If a Klansman should not have the word he 
will remain standing. The Kladd will proceed 
around the klavern to all present. After he 
has finished he will return to the E. C. and 
report as follows: 

Kladd. "Your Excellency: I respectfully 
report that all present are klansmen worthy 
of the honor of sitting during the delibera- 
tions of this klonklave. " (If any present have 
not the words, the Kladd will add to the 
above :) "Except those who stand before you ; 
they presume to be klansmen, but they have 
not the words." 

The E. O. will ascertain of the Kligrapp if 
the ones standing are worthy ; if so, he will in 
struct them to advance to his station and pro 
cure the same. If they are not worthy all 
ceremony must cease until they become 
worthy or are ejected from the klavern. If 
there be visiting klansmen present they must 
be invited to the E. O. station at this time, met 
by him, then faced toward the sacred altar and 
introduced to the klan. All klansmen will 
arise and give the visiting klansmen Tsog. 
The visiting klansmen will respond with Tsog. 
This done the E. C. will give two raps with his 
gavel and say : 

"My Terrors, you will take your respective 
stations as your names are called." 


The E. O., sitting in his station, will call the 
roll of officers. When an officer's name is 
called, he will arise and answer : "Here," and 
proceed to his station, stand erect and face 
the sacred altar. (If an officer is absent his 
substitute will arise and call his own name, 
and say: "Substitute," and proceed to his 
station.) When the names of the Klexter and 
Night-Hawk are called the Klarogo will answer 
for them if they are present, but if either of 
them or both of them should be absent, the 
Klarogo will give the manes of their substi- 
tutes and so state. 

No one will be allowed to sit on the station 
with an officer unless by consent of the E. C. 

The E. C. will then arise ; when he arises the 
Terrors will face him and salute ; he will return 
the salute and charge them as follows : 

"My Terrors: Your fellow klansmen hold 
you in high esteem. You have been chosen to 
fill an important place in the affairs of this 
klonklave and to set an example to all klans- 
men of perfect observance of our oath and 
dutiful devotion to our great fraternity. 
Therefore, I charge you to discharge every 
duty incumbent upon you with dispatch, effi- 
ciency and dignity. Preserve peace and ob- 
serve due decorum in our deliberations at this 
time, and persevere with honor in promoting 
and guarding well every interest of the Invisi- 
ble Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." 

The E. O. will then give three raps and com- 

E. C. "My Terrors and Klansmen, make 

All will arise and put on their robes but leave 
their helmets off, and remain standing. (Rob- 
ing may be omitted if there be no candidates 


in waiting, in the discretion of the E.G.). He 
will then say : 

E. C. "Prepare the sacred altar." 

The altar furnishings having been previous- 
ly placed, the Klokard will advance to the 
sacred altar from his station with altar flag 
and sword; standing on side of sacred altar 
next to Klaliff 's station, he will spread the flag 
across altar with stars to his left and on op- 
posite edge of flag from him, and then place 
directly across center of altar the sword, with 
hilt toward the E. C. and takes position No. 1 
(see diagram, p. 7) facing the sacred altar. 

As he leaves the sacred altar, the Kludd will 
advance to the sacred altar with Bible and ves- 
sel of dedication fluid; standing at point of 
sword, he will place the Bible, opened at the 
12th chapter of Romans, on and near the cor- 
ner of sacred altar to his left and next to him, 
and the vessel of fluid on and near the corner 
of sacred altar to his right and opposite side 
from him, and takes position No. 2 (see dia- 
gram, p. 7) and faces the sacred altar. 

As he leaves the sacred altar, the Klaliff 
will advance to the sacred altar with the 
mounted flag and will stand flag directly out 
from corner of sacred altar at his left and 
about one foot from corner of sacred altar, 
and take position No. 3 (see diagram, p. 7) 
facing the sacred altar. 

As he leaves the sacred altar, the Night- 
Hawk (in his absence, the Kladd) will advance 
to the sacred altar with the Fiery Cross and 
place it at and against center of sacred altar 
on side toward the E. C.'s station, light it, 
and take position No. 4 (see diagram, p. 7) 
facing the sacred altar. 

The Klokard, from his position, carefully 
surveys the sacred altar to make sure it is 
properly prepared, corrects any imperfections 
in its preparation, if any ; from his position he 
faces the E. O. (the other three Terrors will 


do likewise) and addresses- the E. C. as fol- 
lows : 

Klokard. "Your Excellency, the sacred altar 
of the klan is prepared, the fiery cross illum- 
ines the klavern." 

E. C. "Faithful Klokard, why the fiery 


Klokard. "Sir, it is the emblem of that sin- 
cere, unselfish devotedness of all klansmen to 
the sacred purpose and principles we have 

E. C. "My Terrors and Klansmen, what 
means the fiery cross?" 

All. "We serve and sacrifice for the right." 

E. C. "Klansmen all: You will gather for 
our opening devotions." 

When he says this he will arise and advance 
to and occupy position No. 2, occupied by the 
Kludd ; as he approaches the Kludd, that Ter- 
ror will advance to the sacred altar and take 
position near the point of sword. All klans- 
men will form on the quadrate, forming 
straight lines between these four positions; 
these four positions occupied by Terrors form 
the corners of the quadrate. The Terrors, in 
taking these positions, should step out far 
enough to accommodate the members between 
them, about an equal number on each side of 
quadrate. The distance between klansmen in 
this quadrate must be about three feet. If 
there be more than enough to form one line, 
the others will form back of the first line, and 
so on until all are in position. Great care 
must be exercised to form the quadrate cor- 
rectly and symmetrically with the scared altar 
in as near the exact center as possible. When 
the formation is complete all will join in sing- 
ing the following opening klode : 


(The stanzas are sung to the time of "From 
Greenland's Icy Mountains," and the chorus, 
"Home Sweet Home." 


"We meet with cordial greetings 

In this our sacred cave 
To pledge anew our compact 

With hearts sincere and brave ; 
A band of faithful Klansmen, 

Knights of the K. K. K. 
We all will stand together 

Forever and for aye." 

"Home, home, country and home, 
Klansmen we'll live and die 
For our country and home." 


"Here honor, love and justice 

Must actuate us all; 
Before our sturdy phalanx 

All hate and strife shall fall. 
In unison we'll labor 

Wherever we may roam 
To shield a klansman's welfare, 

His country, name and home." 

After singing, the Kludd at the sacred altar 
leads in the following prayer. (All must stand 
steady with heads reverently bowed.) 

Our Father and our God. We, as klansmen, 
acknowledge our dependence upon Thee and 
Thy loving kindness toward us ; may our grat- 
itude be full and constant and inspire us to 
walk in Thy ways. 

Give us to know that each Klansman by the 


process of thought and conduct determines 
his own destiny, good or bad: May he forsake 
the bad and choose and strive for the good, re- 
membering always that the living Christ is a 
Klansman's criterion of character. 

Keep us in the blissful bonds of fraternal 
union, of clanish fidelity one toward another 
and of a devoted loyalty to this, our great 
institution. Give us to know that the crown- 
ing glory of a klansman is to serve. Harmon- 
ize our souls with the sacred principles and 
purposes of our noble Order that we may keep 
our sacred oath inviolate, as Thou art our wit- 

Bless those absent from our gathering at 
this time; Thy peace be in their hearts and 

God save our nation! And help us to be a 
nation worthy of existence on the earth. Keep 
ablaze in each Klansman's heart the sacred 
fire of a devoted patriotism to our country 
and its government. 

We invoke Thy blessing upon our Emperor, 
the Imperial Wizard, and his official family, in 
the administrations of the affairs pertaining 
to the government of the Invisible Empire. 
Grant him wisdom and grace, and may each 
Klansman's heart and sould be inclined to- 
ward him in loving loyalty and unwavering 

Oh, God I For Thy glory and our good we 
humbly ask these things in the name of Him 
who taught us to serve and sacrifice for the 
right. Amen. (All say "Amen.") 

After the prayer, all facing the sacred altar, 
will give together Tsog and holding same will 
say, "For my country, the Klan, my fellow 
Klansmen and my home." Then all give the 


N. H. to the flag. The E. C. then immediately 
returns to his station ; as he vacates position 
No. 2, the Kludd will advance from the sacred 
altar and occupy position No. 2 ; as the E. C. 
steps into his station, faces the assembly, and 
gives one rap with gavel, at this each klans- 
man will face him and give Tsotf-c, then 
Tsoc-1, then raise Tsos, and then Tsok-c; as 
he responds with Tsok-c they will recover. He 
holds Tsok-c and says : 

"My Terrors and Klansmen: In the sacred 
cause we have entered, be thou faithful unto 
death; be patriotic toward our country; be 
clanish toward Klansmen; be devoted to our 
great fraternity." 

He then recovers Tsok-c, and says : My Ter- 
rors and Klansmen : What is the sworn duty 
of a Klansman in klonklave assembled?" 

All answer in unison — "To maintain peace 
and harmony in all the deliberations of the 
Klan in klonklave assembled, and take heed to 
instructions given." 

The E. C. will then give two raps with his 
gavel. After all are seated he will say: 

E. C. "I now officially proclaim that this 

klonklave of Klan No. 

Realm of 

of the Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku 
Klux Klan, duly opened for the dispatch of 

E. O. "Faithful Klarogo : You may now ad- 
mit all qualified Klansmen, but guard well the 
portal to this klavern. The Night-Hawk (in 
his absence, the Kladd) will extinguish the 
Fiery Cross." 

He gives one rap with his gavel, takes his 
seat and proceeds with the regular order of 




The order of business having beer ^nished, 
the E. C. will arise, give one rap with his gavel 
and say : 

"My Terrors and Klansmen: The sacred 
purpose of the gathering of the klan at this 
time has been fulfilled; the deliberations of 
this klonklave have ended." 

E. C. "Faithful Klaliff : What is the four- 
fold duty of a Klansman?" 

The Klaliff will arise and say : 

Klaliff. "To worship God; be patriotic to- 
ward our country ; be devoted and loyal to our 
Klan and Emperor, and to practice clanish- 
ness toward his fellow klansmen." (And re- 
mains standing.) 

E. C. "Faithful Kludd: How speaketh the 
oracles of our God?" 

The Kludd will arise and say : 

Kludd. "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy 
God. Render unto the state the things which 
are the state's. Love the brotherhood : honor 
the king. Bear ye one another's burdens, and 
so fulfill the law of Christ." (And remains 

E. C. "Faithful Klokard: What does a 
Klansman value more than life?" 

The Klokard will arise and say : 

Klokard. "Honor to a Klansman is more 
than life." (And remains standing.) 


E. C. "Faithful Klaliff : How is a Klansman 
to preserve his honor?" 

Klaliff. "By the discharge of duty in the 
faithful keeping of his oath." (And remains 

E. O. "What say you, my Terrors?" 

All the other officers will arise and say in 
unison : 

Officers. "Your Excellency: The immacu- 
late truth has been spoken." (And remain 

E. C. "What say you, my fellow Klansmen?" 

All members will arise and say in unison : 

Members. "Amen!" (And remain standing.) 

E. C. "My Terrors and Klansmen: You 
know well the duty of a Klansman; be thou 
not recreant to duty's demands as we go hence 
from this klavern to enter the stressful struggle 
of the alien world. Protect your honor by 
keeping inviolate your sacred oath." 

The E. C. then gives one rap with his gavel, 
and gives the Sok-c, which is answered by all. 
All will recover the Sok-c together. 

E. C. "The crowning glory of a Klansman 
s to serve, 'Non Silba Sed Anthar." (All will 
say: "Not for self but for others.") "Let us 
e faithful in serving our God, our country, 
our Emperor and our fellow klansmen." 


The E. O. will then give one rap with his 
gavel and say: 


E. C. "My Faithful Klansmen: As peace 
dwells among us you will assemble for our 
parting devotions." 

All will assemble on the quadrate formed 
as in opening ceremony (the Klarogo and 
Klexter making secure their respective doors) ; 
the Kludd stands at the sacred altar. All will 
stand facing the sacred altar and come to the 
Sotf-c, and resting palms on back of each 
other, thus paralleling the Ars, and will join 
in singing the following closing klode : 

(Tune Dennis— S. M.) 

All Standing. 

"Blest be the Klansman's tie 
Of real fraternal love, 
That binds us in a fellowship 
Akin to that above." 

Each will then stand with left hand over the 
heart and the right resting on the left shoul- 
der of the klansman to the right. 

E. C. "Klansmen: United in the sacred 
bond of klanish fidelity we stand, but divided 
by selfishness and strife we fall; shall we 
stand, or shall we fall?" 

All will answer : 

"We will stand; for our blood is not pledged 
in vain." 

Each klansman will then sing the following 


(Tune— America) 

"God of Eternity 
Guard, guide our great country, 
Our homes and store. 
Keep our great state to Thee, 
Its people right and free. 
In us Thy glory be, 

After the singing all look toward the mount- 
ed flag and will Gtnh and then stand with 
bowed heads; the KLudd standing at the sa- 
cred altar will pronounce the following bene- 
diction : 

The Benediction. 

"May the blessings of our God wait upon 
thee and the sun of glory shine around thy 
head; may the gates of plenty, honor, and 
happiness be always open to thee and thine, 
so far as they will not rob thee of eternal joys. 

"May no strife disturb thy days, nor sorrow 
distress thy nights, and when death shall 
summons thy departure may the Saviour's 
blood have washed thee from all impurities, 
perfected thy initiation, and thus prepared, 
enter thou into the Empire Invisible and re- 
pose thy soul in perpetual peace." 

"Amen!" (All say, "Amen.") 

The benediction having been pronounced 
the E. 0. will immediately return to his sta- 
tion, give one rap with his gavel and say : 

E. C. "I now officially proclaim that this 

klonklave of Klan No 

Realm of ..of the Invisible 

Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, duly 


closed . The Klan will gather again in (regular 
or special) klonklave night." 

He will then say : 

E. C. "Elansmen, One and All." Saying 
this he Ltsos, which all will do likwise. All 
will then give and hold Tsog, and the E. C. 
will say: 

E. C. "To you, faithful Klansmen, good 
night!" All will say: "Your Excellency, good 
night!" He and they will recover Tsog to- 
gether. The E. O. gives one rap and an- 
nounces : 

"The Eladd and the Night-Hawk will gather 
and make secure the properties of the klan," 

"The klan is dismissed. Faithful Klarogo: 
you will open the portal that all klansmen may 
pass to the outer world." 

On going out each ldansman MUST see to it 
that the robe and helmet worn by him is care- 
fully and properly placed in locker or other 
place for safe keeping, if he does not carry 
same home with him by permission of the 
E. C. 




When the ceremony of naturalization shall 
have been reached in the regular order of busi- 
ness, the Klarogo will signal by Allw to the 
Klexter, who will repeat the signal to the 
Night-Hawk in the outer den with candidates. 
Prior to the signal the Night-Hawk will have 
presented a blank Petition of Citizenship to 
each candidate, requesting him to read and 
sign same. (Said petition to be witnessed by 
the Night-Hawk.) He will collect from each 
candidate the klectokon, if same has not been 
previously paid. On hearing the signal of the 
Klexter he will excuse himself from the can- 
didates and will approach the outer door of 
the inner den and give thereon seven raps 
(having in his possession the petition of the 
candidates and the klectokons by him col- 

Klexter. "Who dares to approach so near 
the entrance of this klavern?" 

N.-H. "The Night-Hawk of the klan." 

Klexter. "Advance with the countersign." 

(The N.-H. will then give the countersign in 
a low whisper through the wicket.) 

Klexter. (Will open the outer door and say) 

The N.-H. passes the outer door into the 
inner den of the klavern and at once enrobes 
completely and then approaches and signals 
on the inner door * * * * X. The Klarogo will 
open the wicket. When the wicket is opened 
the N.-H. will Gallw. 

Klarogo. "Who seeks entrance to the 

N.-H. "The Night-Hawk of the klan with 


important information and documents from 
the alien world for His Excellency." 

The Klarogo secures the wicket, salutes and 
reports to the E. C. 

Klarogo. "Your Excellency: The Night- 
Hawk of the klan is respectfully waiting to 
enter the klavern with important information 
and documents from the alien world." 

E. C. "You will permit him to enter." 

Klarogo. (Through the wicket Gallw, which 
is answered by the N.-H. with Allw, and gives 
the password through the wicket.) Then the 
Klarogo opens the door and says : "You have 
His Excellency's permission to enter." The 
N.H. enters, steps across the threshold of the 
klavern, stands erect and Gtsog; all will an- 
swer by the same from their seats. The N.-H. 
will then proceed to the altar. Arriving at the 
altar, he Gtnh, then Gtsof-c, then removes 
his helmet and Gtsok-c, and stands erect and 

* * * * * *"•"'+ * 

E. O. "Faithful Night-Hawk, you may now 
speak and impart to us the important inform- 
ation in your possession." 

N.-H. (Bows and speaks.) "Your Excellen- 
cy : Sir, pursuant to my duty in seeking laud- 
able adventure in the alien world, I found 
these men (Here he gives their names). They 
having read the Imperial Proclamation of our 
Emperor, and prompted by unselfish motives, 
desire a nobler life. In consequence they have 
made the honorable decision to forsake the 
world of selfishness and fraternal alienation 
and emigrate to the delectable bounds of the 
Invisible Empire and become loyal citizens of 
the same." 


E. C. "Faithful Night-Hawk : This is indeed 
important information, and most pleasant to 
hear. Important, in that it evidences human 
progress; most pleasant, in that it reveals 
through you a klansman's sincere apprecia- 
tion of his sacred mission among men and his 
fidelity to duty in the betterment of man- 
kind. Their respective petitions will be re- 
ceived and justly considered." 

N.-H. (Bows and says) : "Sir, I have in my 
possession the required petitions for citizen- 
ship of the men named, together with their 

E. C. "Then you will approach and deliver 
same to the Kligrapp who will publish them 
to all klansmen in klonklave assembled." 

The N.-H. will deliver the petitions and 
klectokons to the Kligrapp and resume his 
position at the altar. The Kligrapp will then 
arise and publish the names of the petitioners 
and hand the petitions to the E. C. and re- 
sume his seat. The E. C. will say : 

E. C. "Klansmen, you have heard the publi- 
cation of the petition for citizenship in the 
Invisible Empire of (here he give? the names). 
Does any klansman, on his oath of allegiance, 
know of any just reason why these aliens, or 
any of them, should be denied citizenship in 
the Invisible Empire?" 


If there be no objections, the E. O. will ad- 
dress the Night-Hawk : 

E. C. "Faithful Night-Hawk, you will in- 
form these alien petitioners from me : 
"That it is the constant disposition of a 


klansman to assist those who aspire to things 
noble in thought and conduct, and to extend a 
helping hand to the worthy. That their de- 
sires are sincerely respected, their manly pe- 
titions are being seriously considered in the 
light of justice and honor. With true faith a 
man may expect a just answer to his prayers 
and his virtuous hopes will ultimately ripen 
into a sublime fruition." 

The Night-Hawk bows and says: "I have 
your orders, Sir," and retires to the outer 
door of the inner den of the klavern and 
through the wicket of the outer door informs 
the candidates az follows : 

N.-H. "Worthy Aliens : His Excellency, the 
Exalted Cyclops, being the direct representa- 
tive of His Majesty, our Emperor, and chief 
guardian of the portal of the Invisible Empire, 
has officially instructed me to inform you that 
it is the constant disposition of a klansman to 
assist those who aspire to things noble in 
thought and conduct and to extend a helping 
hand to the worthy. Therefore your desires 
are sincerely respected and your manly peti- 
tions are being seriously considered in the 
light of justice and honor. With true faith 
you may expect a just answer to your prayers, 
and your virtuous hopes will ultimately ripen 
into a sublime fruition. This is the decision 
of His Excellency, the Exalted Cyclops, with 
all his klan concurring." 

The Night-Hawk returns to his station in 
the klavern without form. 

E. C. "Faithful Klokard : You will examine 
under witness the alien petitioners, as to their 


The KLokard, with his assistants, the Klaliff 
and the Kludd, retires to the outer den and 
will propound to the candidates in waiting the 
following required "Qualifying Interrogato- 
ries," and then immediately administer Sec- 
tions I and II of the "Oath of Allegiance ;" re- 
quiring each candidate to place his left hand 
over his heart and raise his right hand to 

Qualifying Interrogatories. 

The Klokard will first ask each candidate 
his name and then speak to the candidates in 
the outer den as follows: 

"Sirs : The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, as 
a great and essentially a patriotic, fraternal, 
benevolent Order, does not discriminate 
against a man on account of his religious or 
political creed, when same does not conflict 
with or antagonize the sacred rights and privi- 
leges guaranteed by our civil government, and 
Christian ideals and institutions. 

Therefore, to avoid any misunderstanding 
and as evidence that we do not seek to impose 
unjustly the requirements of this Order upon 
anyone who cannot, on account of his reli- 
gious or political scruples, voluntarily meet 
our requirements and faithfully practice our 
principles, and as proof that we respect all 
honest men in their sacred convictions, 
whether same are agreeable with our require- 
ments or not, we require as an absolute neces- 
sity on the part of each of you an affirmative 
answer to each of the following questions : 

Each of the following questions must be 
answered by (each of) you with an emphatic 

1st. Is the motive prompting your ambition 
to be a klansman serious and unselfish? 


2nd. Are you a native-born white, Gentile 
American citizen? 

3rd. Are you absolutely opposed to and free 
of any allegiance of any nature to any cause, 
government, people, sect or ruler that is for- 
eign to the United States of America? 

4th. Do you believe in the tenets of the 
Christian religion? 

5th. Do you esteem the United States of 
America and its institutions above any other 
government, civil, political or ecclesiastical, in 
the whole world? 

6th. Will you, without mental reservation, 
take a solemn oath to defend, preserve and 
enforce same? 

7th. Do you believe in clanishness and will 
you faithfully practice same towards klans- 

8th. Do you believe in and will you faith- 
fully strive for the eternal maintenance of 
white supremacy? 

9th. Will you faithfully obey our constitu- 
tion and laws, and conform willingly to all our 
usages, requirements and regulations? 

10th. Can you be always depended on? 

He then administers Sections I and II of 
the oath. 

This done, he, with his assistants, will re- 
turn to the sacred altar, he will salute and 
report as follows: "Your Excellency: (Here 


state the number of petitioners) men 

in waiting have each duly qualified to enter 
our klavern to journey through the mystic 
cave in quest of citizenship in the Invisible 
Empire." - 

E. O. "Faithfull Klokard, you and your 
assistants will resume your stations." 

E.G. "TheKladdof theklan!" The Kladd 
will arise and advance to a position immedi- 
ately in front of the E. C, and about five feet 
from his station, and salute and say : 

Kladd. "The Kladd, Your Excellency!" 

E. C. "You will retire under special orders 
to the outer premises of the klavern, assume 
charge of the worthy aliens in waiting, and 
afford them a safe journey from the world of 
selfishness and fraternal alienation to the sa- 
cred altar of the empire of chivalry, industry, 
honor and love." 

Kladd. Salutes the E. C. and says : "I have 
your orders, Sir!" He retires to the room 
where the candidates are. Lines them lip in 
single file, the left hand of the rear man on the 
left shoulder of the man in front. He then 
takes Ms place in front of them and says: 
"Follow me and be (a man) men!" He pro- 
ceeds to the outer door of the inner den and 
gives thereon * O. 

Klexter. (Opens the wicket and says) : 
"Who and what is your business?" 

Kladd. "I am the Kladd of Klan No 

Realm of , acting under special orders of 

His Excellency, our Exalted Cyclops; I am 
in charge of a party!" 

Klexter. ' 'What be the nature of your party?" 


Kladd. "Wortny aliens from the world of 
selfishness and fraternal alienation prompted 
by unselfish motive, desire the honor of citi- 
zenship in the Invisible Empire and the fel- 
lowship of klansmen." 

Klexter. "Has your party been selected 
with care?" 

Kladd. "These men (or this man) are (or is) 
known and vouched for by klansmen in klon- 
klave assembled." 

Klexter. "Have they (or has he) the marks?" 

Kladd. "The distinguishing marks of a 
klansman are not found in the fibre of his gar- 
ments or his social or financial standing, but 
are spiritual ; namely, a chivalric head, a com- 
passionate heart, a prudent tongue and a 
courageous will. All devoted to our country, 
our klan, our homes and each other; these 
are the distinguishing marks of a klansman, 
oh, Faithful Klexter 1 And these men claim 
the marks." 

Klexter. "What if one of your party should 
prove himself a traitor?" 

Kladd. "He would be immediately banished 
in disgrace from the Invisible Empire without 
fear or favor, conscience would tenaciously 
torment him, remorse would repeatedly revile 
him, and direful things would befall him." 

Klexter. "Do they (or does he) know all 

Kladd. "All this he (or they) now know. He 
(or they) has (or have) heard, and they must 

Klexter. "Faithful Kladd: You speak the 


Kladd. "Faithful Klexter: A Klansman 
speaketh the truth in and from his heart. A 
lying scoundrel may wrap his disgraceful 
frame within the sacred folds of a klansman's 
robe and deceive the very elect, but only a 
klansman possesses a klansman's heart and a 
Wansman's soul." 

Klexter. "Advance with the countersign." 

The Kladd advances and whispers the coun- 
tersign through the wicket to the Klexter. 

Klexter. (Opens the door and says) : "With 
heart and soul, I, the Klexter of the Klan, wel- 
come you and open the way for you to attain 
the most noble achievement in your earthly 
career. Be faithful and true unto death and 
all will be well and your reward will be sure. 
Noble Kladd, pass with your party!" 

The Kladd, with Ms party will pass the 
outer door and stop. He then will give Allw. 
The Klarogo, upon hearing the Llw, will an- 
nounce : 

Klarogo. "Your Excellency and klansmen 
assembled. I hear from the watch the signal 
of the Kladd of the klan with a party!" 

* * * * *'-"'.'* * * 

E. C. "My Terrors and Klansmen, one and 
all; make ready!" 

Each klansman present will put on his hel- 
met, both aprons dropped down, robes com- 
pletely buttoned and girdles tied and capes 
adjusted ; all lights must be turned down so as 
to make the klavern almost dark. All must re- 
main as still and as quiet as possible; there 
must be no moving, talking or noise only as 
the ceremony requires. Striking matches and 
smoking during the ceremony is absolutely 


prohibited. If an officer has to read he must 
use an electric flash-light, and throw the light 
only on the page he is reading. When all are 
ready the Klarogo will answer the signal of the 
Kladd with AUw and begin to Otds. 

Kladd. (On Stdos the Kladd will say to his 
party): "Sirs: The portal of the Invisible 
Empire is being opened for you. Your right- 
eous prayer has been answered and you have 
found favor in the sight of the Exalted Cyclops 
and his klansmen assembled. Follow me and 
be prudent!" 

As the Kladd approaches with his party the 
threshold of the inner door, the Klarogo will 
stop them by facing them with Tsotf-c, He 
will then recover Tsotf-c, face inward and 
stand erect and steady. (The Klokard, or per- 
son selected, just previous to this has station- 
ed himself near the door where he can be 
heard by the candidates but not seen by them.) 
Klokard — 

"God give us men! The Invisible Empire de- 
mands strong 

Minds, great hearts, true faith and ready 

Men whom the lust of office does not kill ; 
Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy; 
Men who possess opinions and a will ; 
Men who have HONOR; men who will NOT 

Men who can stand before a demagogue 
And damn his treacherous flatteries without 

Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog 
In public duty and in private thinking ; 
For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn 

Their LARG E professions and their LITTLE 


Mingle in selfish strife, Lo! freedom weeps 
Wrong rules the land, and waiting justice 

God give us men! 

Men wno serve not for selfish booty. 
But real men, courageous, who flinch not at 

Men of dependable character ; men of sterling 
worth ; 

Then wrongs will be redressed, and right will 

rule the earth; 
God give us men!" 

After a pause, the Klarogo faces the candi- 
dates and says : 

Klarogo. "Sirs: Will you (or each of you) 
by your daily life as klansmen earnestly en 
deavor to be an answer to this prayer? 

He then faces the E. C. and says: 
Klarogo. "Your Excellency and fellow 
klansmen: JUST SUCH MEN are (or just 
such a man is) standing without the portal of 
the Invisible Empire, desiring the lofty honor 
of citizenship therein, and ready and willing 
to unflinchingly face every duty on him (or 
them) imposed. " 

E. C. "Faithful Klarogo and klansmen : Let 
them enter the klavern in quest of citizenship, 
but keep you a klansman's eye of scrutiny up- 
on them, and if they, or one of them, should 
flinch at duty or show himself a cowardly 
weakling or a treacherous scalawag, at this 
time or in the future, it will be your sworn 
duty to eject him or them from the portal of 
the Invisible Empire without fear or favor and 
do so witkout delay; be thou not recreant to 
duty's demands!" 


While the above prayer is being said the 
Night-Hawk takes the Fiery Cross from the 
altar, lights it and takes a position immedi- 
ately in front of and about four feet from the 
Klaliff's station, facing the Klarogo, holding 
the Fiery Cross above his head. 

Klarogo. (Steps aside and says to the 
Kladd): "Pass." 

When the Kladd crosses the threshold of the 
klavern he will stop and give Tsog. All klans- 
men, except the station officers, will arise, face 
the Kladd and give Tsog, then face the altar 
and remain standing with Tsoc-1. The Kladd 
will then proceed with his party toward the 
N.-H. As the Kladd approaches the N.-H. 
with his party and gets in about six feet of him 
the Night-Hawk will about face and march in 
front of the Kladd about six feet from him on 
the journey, until he is halted by the signal 
Allw from the E. C. When he hears the signal 
he will stop his party, answer the signal with 
Allw, then face his party toward the sacred 
altar. When this is done the Night-Hawk with 
the Fiery Cross takes a position in front of 
and about six feet from the party, facing the 
party with the Cross uplifted. He remains in 
this position until he hears the second signal 
of Allw from the E. C, when he will resume 
his position at the head of the party in front 
of the Kladd and move on. When the Kladd 
hears the second signal he will face his party 
as they were, answer the signal with Allw, and 
follow the N.-H. 

When the first signal of Allw of the E. C. is 
given, all klansmen, except the station of- 
cers, Klarogo and Klexter, will form from their 
seats, march around the hall in single file, the 
Klokard leading to his right, pass in front 
along the line of the party, between the party 
and the N.-H., each klansman will look the 
party squarely in the eyes, but continue mov- 
ing; after passing the party the Klokard will 
form the klansmen in a double line with open 


tanks about six feet apart and lacing each 
other, holding Tsoc-1, and standing steady, on 
the opposite side of the klavern; the E. C. 
then gives the second signal of AUw. The 
Night-Hawk will lead the Kladd and his 
party on their journey by way of the E. C. 
station and through the iormation of klans- 
men. All this must be done quietly, with dig- 
nity and with a steady pace. 

After the Kladd and his party shall have 
passed the formation of klansmen, all klans- 
men will, without signal, return to their seats, 
but remain standing until the Kladd presents 
his party to the E. 0., when they quietly sit 

As the Kladd approaches the station of the 
Klaliff after he has passed the formation of 
klansmen, the Klaliff will arise and Gtsog and 
halt him with Allw. On hearing the Llw, the 
Kladd stops and answers with same. The N.-H. 
also stops. 

Klaliff. "Who are you that walk in the 
klavern at this hour?" 

Kladd. "The Kladd of the klan with a party, 
whom the eye of the unknown has seen an? 
doth constantly observe." 

Klaliff. "What be the nature of your party?" 

Kladd. "Faithful Klaliff: THESE ARE 
MEN, (or this is a man) as the Invisible Em- 
pire and a time like this demands: men (a 
man) of strong minds, great hearts u true faith 
and ready hands. Worthy aliens known and 
vouched for by klansmen in klonklave assem- 
bled, and by order of His Excellency, I, the 
Kladd of the klan, am their (or his) guide to 
the sacred altar." 

Klaliff. "Pass on " 

(The journey from the entrance of the kla- 
vern to the E. C. station must be made in a 
circle around the klavern.) 


The N.-H. wili move on, followed by the 
Kladd with his party, and will then continue 
his journey until he arrives at the station of 
the E. C, when he shall stop and line his 
company up in a straight line immediately in 
front of the station. The Night-Hawk stops 
but does not change position. The Kladd steps 
to the rear of his party and will address the 
E. C. as follows : 

.* * * * * * * 


Kladd. "Your Excellency Sir, pursuant to 
your orders, I present to you these (or this) 
alien aspirants, men (or a man) of dependable 
character and courage, who aspire to the 
noble life and the high honor of citizenship in 
the Invisible Empire." 

The Exalted Cyclops will arise and address 
the candidates as follows : 

"Sirs: Is the motive prompting youre pres- 
ence here serious and unselfish? 

"It is indeed refreshing to meet face to^f ace 
with men (or a man) like you, who, actuated 
by manly motives, aspire to all things noble 
for yourselves and humanity. 

"The lustre of the holy light of chivalry has 
lost its former glory and is sadly dimmed by 
the choking dust of selfish, sordid gain. Pass 

The E. C. will resume his seat, and the 
Kladd will face his party toward the Night- 
Hawk and advance behind the Night-Hawk 
until he hears the signal of AUw from the Klo- 
kard. On hearing the signal from the Klokard 
the Night-Hawk stops and stands steady; the 
Kladd will also stop his party immediately in 
front of the Klokard's station and face them 
to the Klokard's station and answer the signal 
by the same. On receiving the answer, the 


Klokard will arise and address the party as 

"Real fraternity, by shameful neglect, has 
been starved until so weak her voice is lost in 
the courts of her own castle, and she passes 
unnoticed by her sworn subjects as she moves 
along the crowded streets and through the din 
of the market place. Man's valuation of man 
is by the standard of wealth and not worth ; 
selfishness is the festive queen among human 
kind, and multitudes forget honor, justice, 
love and God and every religious conviction 
to do homage to her, and yet with the cruel 
heart of Jezebel she slaughters the souls of 
thousands of her devotees daily. Pass on!" 

The Klokard will resume his seat, and the 
Kladd will face his party as before and advance 
behind the Night-Hawk until he hears the 
signal of Allw from the Klaliff . On hearing the 
signal of the Klaliff the Night-Hawk stops and 
stands steady; the Kladd will also stop his 
party immediately in front of the Klaliff 's sta- 
tion, facing them to the Klaliff, and answer 
the signal by the same. On receiving the 
answer, the Klaliff will arise and address the 
party as follows: 

"The unsatiated thirst for gain is dethron- 
ing reason and judgment in the citadel of the 
human soul, and men maddened thereby, for- 
get their patriotic, domestic and social obliga- 
tions and duties, and fiendishly fight for a 
place in the favor of the goddess of glittering 
gold; they starve their own souls, and make 
sport of spiritual development. Pass on " 

The Klaliff will resume his seat, and the 
Kladd will face his party as before and ad- 
vance behind the Night-Hawk until he hears 


the signal of Allw from the Kludd. On hearing 
the signal of the Kludd, the Night-Hawk stops 
and stands steady ; the Kladd will also stop his 
party mmediately in front of the Kludd 's sta- 
tion, facing them to the Kludd, and then an- 
swers the signal by the same. On receiving 
the answer, the Kludd will arise and address 
the party as follows : 

"Men speak of love and live in hatet, 
Men talk of faith and trust to fate!, 
Oh, might men do the things they teach 
Oh, might men live the life they preach 
Then the throne of avarice would fall and 

the clangor 
Of grim Selfishness o'er the earth would 

Love would tread out the baleful fire of 

And in its ashes plant the lily of peace. 
"Pass on " 

The Kludd will resume his seat, and the 
Kladd will face his party as before and advance 
behind the Night-Hawk until he hears the sig- 
nal of Allw from the E. C. On hearing the 
signal of the E. O. the Night-Hawk stops and 
goes to and takes position at the sacred altar ; 
the Kladd will also stop his party immediately 
in front of the E. O.'s station, facing them to 
the E. C, and then answer the signal with the 
same. On receiving the answer, the E. O. will 
arise and address the party as follows: 

"Sirs : We congratulate you on your manly 
decision to forsake the world of selfishness 
and fraternal alienation and emigrate to the 
delectable bounds of the Invisible Empire and 
become loyal citizens of the same. The prime 
purpose of this great Order is to develop char- 
acter, practice clanishness, to protect the 
home and the chastity of womanhood, and to 
exemplify a pure patriotism towards our glor- 
ious country. 


You, as citizens of the Invisible Empire, must 
be actively patriotic toward our country and 
constantly clanish toward klansmen socially, 
physically, morally and vocationally ; will you 
assume this obligation of citizenship? 

You must unflinchingly conform to our re- 
quirements, regulations and usages in every 
detail, and prove yourselves worthy to have 
and to hold the honors we bestow; do you 
freely and faithfully assume to do this? 

Sirs : If you have any doubt as to your abil- 
ity to qualify, either in body or character, as 
citizens of the Invisible Empire, you now have 
an opportunity to retire from this place with 
the good will of the klan to attend you ; for I 
warn you now, if you falter or fail at this time 
or in the future as a klansman, in klonklave or 
in life, you will be banished from citizenship 
in the Invisible Empire without fear or favor. 

This is a serious undertaking; we are not 
here to make sport of you, nor indulge in the 
silly frivolity of circus clowns. Be you well 
assured that "he that putteth his hand to the 
plow and looketh back is not fit for the king- 
dom of heaven," or worthy of the high honor 
of citizenship in the Invisible Empire, or the 
fervent fellowship of klansmen. Don' t deceive 
yourselves ; you cannot deceive us, and we will 
not be mocked. Do you wish to retire? 

E. C. "Faithful Kladd, you will direct the 
way for these worthy aliens to the sacred altar 
of the empire of chivalry, honor, industry and 
love, in order that they may make further 
progress toward attaining citizenship in the 
Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux 


The Kladd will conduct his party to the 
sacred altar by way of the Klokard's station. 
When he has arrived within about six feet of 
the Klokard's station he will turn square to 
his left and continue in a straight direction 
until he reaches a point about six feet of the 
sacred altar toward the station of tht E. O. ; 
he will then turn square to his right and con- 
tinue until he has passed the sacred altar 
about four feet ; he will then turn square to 
his left and continue until he passes the 
sacred alter about six feet when he will turn 
square to his left and bring his party into the 
formation of a three-quarter hollow square, 
and will face them towards the sacred altar. 

If he has five candidates or a fewer number 
he will form them in a straight line facing the 
sacred altar on the side of th r altar toward the 
Klaliff 's station and about four feet from the 
altar, and then perfect the three-quarter 
hollow square formation with klansmen. 

The N.-H. takes his place with the Fiery 
Cross held aloft just from the corner of the 
sacred altar to the right of the E. O. He stands 
within the quadrate. The Fiery Cross is held 
aloft during the administration of the oath 
and dedicatory ceremony. 

The first paragraph above gives a general 
idea regarding the journey of the candidates 
to the sacred altar as to turning angles and as 
to distances, etc. In making this j ourney the 
number of candidates and the good judgment 
of the Kladd will determine the size of the 
hollow square formation and the best results 
in getting to and forming it. 

The Kladd should study well his part in the 
floor work, for his is a very important and im- 
pressive part. He should exercise good mili- 
tary mannerisms in his work. 

When the Kladd has perfected the three- 
quarter hollow square formation, he will ad- 
vance to a point about midway between the 
altar and the station of the E. C, salute and 
in a strong, clear voice say : 


Kladd. "Your Excellency: The aliens in ou 
midst from the world of selfishness and fra- 
ternal alienation, forsake the past and are 
now ready and willing to bind themselves by 
an unyielding tie to the Invisible Empire, 
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." 

Then the Kladd will about face and advance 
to his position opposite of the center and to 
the rear of the line of candidates toward the 
station of the Klaliff and await orders. 

The Klokard, with his assistants, the Kla- 
liff and the Kludd, will, with steady pace, form 
across the open side of the hollow square 
so as to complete the square, and will admin- 
ister Sections III and IV of the Oath of Alle- 
giance. The Klaliff administers Section III, 
and the Kludd administers Section IV. The 
Klokard stands between his assistants, the 
Klaliff to his right, the Kludd to his left. After 
the Oath shall have been administered, the 
Klokard will about face and advance to a 
point about midway between the altar and the 
E. C, facing the E. C; he will salute and ad- 
dress the E. C. thus : 

Klokard. "Your Excellency: The worthy 
aspirants at the sacred altar of the klan have 
each voluntarily assumed, without mental res- 
ervation the solemn and thrice binding Oath 
of Allegiance to the Invisible Empire, Knights 
of the Ku Klux Klan, and are awaiting to be 
dedicated to the holy service of our country, 
the klan, each other , our homes andhumanity . ' ' 

E. C. "Faithful Klokard : You and your as- 
sistants have performed your duty well ; now 
you may rest; but stand by in readiness to 
perform other duties, if such arise." 

The Klokard resumes his place in the quad- 
rate formation between his assistants. The 
E. C. will then proceed to the sacred altar to 
perform the following ceremony of dedication : 



The E. O. addresses the candidates as fol- 

E. C. "Sirs: Have (each of) you assumed 
without mental reservation your Oath of Alle- 
giance to the Invisible Empire? 

Mortal man cannot assume a more binding 
oath ; character and courage alone will enable 
you to keep it. Always remember that to keep 
this oath means to you honor, happiness and 
life ; but to violate it means disgrace, dishonor 
and death. May honor, happiness and life be 

• * ■ * * * * * * 

(Then he holds up the vessel from the sacred 
altar, containing the dedication fluid, and ad- 
dresses the candidates as follows) : 

"With this transparent, life-giving, power- 
ful God-given fluid, more precious and far 
more significant than all the sacred oils of the 
ancients, I set you (or each of you) apart from 
the men of your daily association to the great 
and honorable task you have voluntarily allot- 
ted yourselves as citizens of the Invisible Em- 
pire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 
"As a klansman may your character be as 
transparent, your life purpose as powerful, 
your motive in all things as magnanimous and 
as pure, and your clanishness as real and as 
faithful as the manifold drops herein, and you 
a vital being as useful to humanity as is pure 
water to mankind. 

"You will kneel upon your right knee." 

Just here the following stanza must be sung 
in a low, soft, but distinct tone, preferably by 
a quartette : 


(Tune— "Just As I Am Without One Plea.") 

To Thee, oh, God I call to Thee— 

True to my oath, oh, help me be! 

I've pledged my love, my blood, my all; 

Oh, give me grace that I not fall. 

* * * * 1 # * * • 

E. C. "Sirs : 'Neath the uplifted fiery cross 
which by its holy light looks down upon you 
to bless with its sacred traditions of the past, — 

I dedicate you in body, in mind, in spir t 
and in life, to the holy service of our country, 
our klan, our homes, each other and human- 

He advances to the candidates and pours a 
few drops of the dedication fluid on each can- 
didate's back and says: "In Bcdy," pours a 
few drops on his head and says: "In Mind," 
places a few drops on his own hand and tosses 
it upward and says: "In Spirit," then moves 
his hand in a horizontal circular motion 
around the candidate's head and says: "And 
in Life." After this he says : 

"Thus dedicated by us, now consecrate your- 
selves to the sacred cause you have entered." 

(To all he will say) : "My Terrors and Klans- 
men: Let us pray." 

All except those officiating at the sacred 
altar must kneel, the E. O. will step back to 
the rear and left of the Kludd; the N.-H. re- 
mains in his position; the Kludd will advance 
and stand close to the sacred altar on the sid e 
toward the station of the E. 0., and will use 
the following 


God of all, author of all good: Thou who 
didst create man and so proposed that man 
should fill a distinct place and perform a spe- 
cific work in the economy of Thy good gov- 
ernment, Thou has revealed Thyself and Thy 


purpose to man, and by this revelation we 
have learned our place and our work. There- 
fore, we have solemnly dedicated ourselves as 
klansmen to that sublime work harmonic with 
Thy will and purpose in our creation. 

£Tow, oh, God! We, through Thy goodness, 
have here dedicated with Thine own divinely 
distilled fluid these manly men at the altar 
kneeling, who have been moved by worthy 
motives and impelled by noble impulses to 
turn from selfishness and fraternal aliena- 
tion and to espouse with body, mind, spirit 
and life, the holy service of our country, our 
klan, our home and each other, — we beseech 
Thee to dedicate them with the fullness of 
Thy spirit, keep him (or each of them) true to 
his (or their) sacred, solemn oath to our noble 
cause, to the glory of Thy great name. Amen! 
(All say, "Amen!") 

Immediately after the prayer all will arise. 
The E. C. will step to the altar and instruct the 
candidates to arise. The Kludd will step back 
to his place. 


(The E. C. will address the candidates as 
follows) : 

"Sir (or Sirs) : You are no longer strangers 
or aliens among us, but are citizens with us ; 
and with confidence in your character that 
you have not sworn falsely or deceitfully in the 
assumption of your oath, I, on behalf of our 
Emperor and all klansmen, welcome you to 
citizenship in the empire of chivalry, honor, 
industry and love." 

After saying this the E. C. will raise the 
front apron of his helmet (and all klansmen 


will do the smae) and as a token of welcome 
he will greet each of the candidates with 
Tcok, and then returns to his position at the 
altar and says : 

"By authority vested in me by our Emperor, 
I now declare and proclaim (each of) you a 
citizen of the Invisible Empire, Knights of the 
Ku Klux Klan, and invest you with the title 
of — 'Klansman,' the most honorable title 
among men." 

This done the E. C. returns to his station 
and the candidate is greeted under the Fiery 
Cross by all klansmen with Tcok, the Klaliff 
leading the line. 

This done, the Night-Hawk will extinguish 
the Fiery Cross and replace it at the altar and 
take his seat. The Klarogo will have turned 
on the lights of the klavern; this done, the 
E. C. will say : 

E. C. "The Kladd of the klan." 

The Kladd will advance from his position at 
the rear of the candidates to a point about 
five feet in front of the E. C. and salute and 


Kladd. "The Kladd, Your Excellency." 

E. 0. "You will escort the klansmen at the 
sacred altar to the station of the Klokard that 
they may receive instructions in the Way of 
the Klavern." 

Kladd. (The Kladd will salute and say) : "I 
have your orders, Sir!" 

The Kladd conducts the candidates and 
forms them in a straight line in front of the 
Klokard where seats have been provided, and 
will instruct them to be seated. He will take a 
position at the center and to the rear of the 
candidates and remain standing while the in- 
structions are being given. 



You will approach the outer door of tl e in- 
ner den and give thereon one rap and strike 
the O., the Klexter will answer with the same. 
He then will open the wicket and you will 
Gaslw. He will say, "Who are you?" You will 

give him your name as Klansman giving 

the name, number and realm of your klan. He 
will say : "Advance and give the countersign." 
You will advance and whisper the countersign 
through the wicket. If you haven't the coun- 
tersign you will so inform the Klexter and pro- 
duce your receipt, or otherwise satisfy him 
that you are no imposter. If you are qualified 
to enter he will open the door and say to you— 

You will pass into the inner den and say : 
"Klexter, what of the night?" If there be can- 
didates to be initiated or already present he 
will say, "Strangers are near; be prudent 1" 
On hearing this you will completely enrobe 
before entering the klavern. But if there be 
no candidates, and no initiatory work to be 
done, he will say, "All are known." Hearing 
this you will not robe but enter as you are. 

• # * * * * * ■*.; 

You will then approach the inner door and 
give thereon * * * * you will then strike the 
F. O. ; at tins the Klarogo will open the wicket 
and say: "Who is it and what is your busi- 
ness?" You will answer: "I am Klansman 

_;Iseek entrance to 

the klavern to meet with my f ellows. " If neces- 
sary he will demand your receipt or ascertain 
of the Kligrapp if you are entitled to enter ; 
if so, he will then open the wicket and say, 
"Password." If same is correct, he will open 
the door and say, "Pass, Klansman." 

You will pass clear of the door, stop, stand 
erect and Gtsog and hold same until someone 
answers it ; then pass on to the sacred altar, 
face the station of the E. C, then face the 
mounted flag and Gtnh ; then face the E. O. and 
Gtsof-c ; then raise Tsos if you are not enrob- 
ed; if you are robed you will remove your 


helmet instead of raising Tsos ; then Gtsok-c, 
which will be answered by the Exalted Cy- 
clops with Tsor; you then will take your seat. 
If you are robed and the others have their 
helmets on disguised, you will not remove your 
helmet, but will take your seat without dis- 
closing your identity. If the Exalted Cyclops is 
engaged you will give Tsok-c to the Klaliff. 

To retire from the klavern while same is in 
session, you will advance to the sacred altar, 
face the Exalted Cyclops and lower Tsos, or 
put on your helmet; then Gtsok-c; if he an- 
swers you with Tsog, you may retire. If the 
Exalted Cyclops does not answer you, you 
must raise Tsos and return to your seat. On 
going out of the klavern you must remove and 
conceal your robe and helmet in the inner den 
of the klavern. 

During the deliberations of the klonklave, if 
you wish to talk to the assembly, make a mo- 
tion, or even second a motion, you must arise 
to your feet, then address the Exalted Cy- 
clops by saying: "Your Excellency," and 
touching your forehead with the ends of the 
fingers of your right hand. If he recognizes 
you, turn the palm of your right hand toward 
him and drop your hand, then you may speak. 
He will recognize you by looking at you and 
saying "Klansman." If he does not recognize 
you readily, then drop your hand and resume 
your seat, and later try again. No man will be 
in order unless he gets the recognition of the 
Exalted Cyclops by addressing him thusly. 

The gavel is the emblem of authority of the 
Exalted Cyclops, and its signals must be rigid- 
ly respected. Any disrespect shown the Ex- 
alted Cyclops during a klonklave is an insult 
to the entire klan which he serves and an 
affront to our Emperor whom he represents in 
his official capacity. The entire klan is under 
direct obligations to command due respect 
from any and all without fear or favor. 

One rap of the gavel calls for— Silence, and 
attention, whether you stand or sit* 


Two raps of the gavel call for silence and 
to seats. 

Three raps of the gavel call— All to their 

Remember all... are given with the LH 

& A only, when B are not required. 

V— S— A. 
V — S — N. 

S — O — G (Same is used for S— O— R). 

S— O— K— C. 

S — O — KLS. 

S — O — F — O. 

S— O— P. 

A— T— S— O— P. 

S— O— S. 

A— T— S— O— S. 

K— S. 

N— H. 

T— K— O— K. 


After the instructions have been given the 
Klokard will say : 

"The Kladd will now conduct you to the 
Exalted Cyclops where you will receive from 
him the CS and PW, the sacred symbol, and 
Imperial Instructions to which give earnest 

The Kladd conducts the party to the station 
of the E. C. and says: 

"Your Excellency : These klansmen (or this 
klansman) , having been instructed in the Way 
of the Klavern, now awaits to receive from 
you the CS and PW, the sacred symbol of the 
klan and Imperial Instructions." 

E. C. (Will arise and say): "My Fellow 
Klansman (or klansmen): The insignia or 
mark of a klansman is Honor. All secrets and 
secret information of the Invisible Empire is 
committed to you on your honor. A klansman 
values honor more than life itself. Be true to 
Honor, then to all the world you will be true. 


Always remember that an honorable secret 
committed is a thing sacred. 

"I am about to commit to you three vital 
secrets of the Invisible Empire— the CS and 
PW and the sacred symbol— the MIOAK. Do 
you swear to forever hold them in sacred, se- 
cret reverence, even unto death? 

"The CS and PW enables you to meet with 
and enjoy the fellowship of klansmen in klon- 
klave assembled. 

"For the present, and until changed, the 
CS is and the PW is 

"The MIOAK, the sacred symbol of the 
klan, is that (he explains what it is) by which 
klansmen recognize each other without word, 
sound or sign. 

"I now present you with the material in- 
signia of a klansman, the sacred symbol of 
the klan, by name the MIOAK. Be faithful 
in its wearing. It must be worn on your per- 
son where it may be readily seen. Tell no per- 
son in the whole world what it is, its meaning 
and significance, even by hint or insinuation, 
as it is a positive secret of the klan. Don't 
fail to recognize it by whomsoever it is worthi- 
ly worn; always appreciate its sacred signifi- 
cance and be true to same. As a test of your 
honor I invest you with this symbol and com- 
mit to you its sacred secret." 

He pins on the breast of the new klansman 
the insignia and explains its symbolic mean- 

"You will now receive Imperial Instructions. 
Carefully preserve and seriously study this 
document and give earnest heed to same, for 
on the practice of its teachings in your daily 
life depends your future advancement." 

"You (or each of you) now are instructed 
klansmen, possessing all the rights, privileges 
and protection as such, will take your place 
with klansmen in the sacred fellowship of the 
Invisible Empire." 

The E. C. will then give two raps with his 
gavel, take his seat and proceed with the other 


— K-UNO— 

The noble achievements of the Ku Klux Klan 
shine with undiminished effulgence through 
the gathering mist of accumulating years, an 
eloquent tribute to the chivalry and patriot- 
ism of the past, and the holy heroism of our 
fathers in preserving to us the sacred heri- 
tage of a superior race— political supremacy, 
racial integrity, social peace and security, 
and to humanity the boon of cultured civiliza- 
tion. It abides the malicious slanders of the 
age, and is an inexhaustible source of inspi- 
ration to those of this generation who aspire 
to all things noble and good for themselves, 
our country and our race. 

When the shuddering peals of the thunder 
of the impending storm of the American Re- 
construction were heard above the fading 
echoes of the battles of the great Civil War, 
the chosen victims stood aghast and pale, 
wondering at the meaning and purpose of the 
gathering gloom. 

Darkness gathered apace, and the demons 
were loosed from hell's most dismal depths; 
the blighting hand of devastation complete 
was laid heavy upon the Southern people, — a 
people pauperized, bleeding , prostrated and 
defenseless. These noble people turned to 
the power of the National Government for 
protection but were spurned away with con- 
tempt and scorn. They had been promised 
protection in the possession of property, in 
the pursuit of peaceful employment and in 
every political and civil right formerly possess- 
ed by them as citizens of the national common- 
wealth, but the National Government, by the 
shameful deviltry of its unscrupulous manipu- 
lators, repudiated that solemn promise and 
inaugurated the most disgraceful epoch in the 
annals of the nations against that unarmed, 
defeated, defenseless and submissive people. 

This great people, defenseless and friendless 
with a pestilence upon them more terrorizing 


than the seven plagues of Egypt, called to the 
nations of the earth, but none heard their 
cry. That call was a horrible medley full of 
intense anguish,— melancholy groans and 
manly men struck dumb, mingling with the 
sickening, penetrating sobs of distressed wo- 
men and the plaintive cry of hungry, cladless 
child; on this melancholy orchestra Grief 
touched the chords of universal sadness and 
played the direful dirge of death over the 
slaughtered corps of civilization. 

Constitutional law was stripped by profane 
hands of its virtuous vestments of civilized 
sovereignty of four thousand years in the 
making, and was mocked by polluted political 
pirates in legislative assemblies; and by the 
diabolical enactments of these assemblies the 
hands on the dial of the clock of civilization 
in the tower of human progress were turned 
back thousands of years. 

In the name of law and National Authority 
the property of the husband and father was 
ruthlessly snatched from him without provo- 
cation by the venal hand of unholy confisca- 
tion ; paupers by the multitude were made in a 
day. Carpetbaggers, the vultures of glutton- 
ous greed, swooped down from their aerie on 
the lofty peaks of the mountains of national 
authority o'er the dismal plain of human help- 
lessness, fastened their tortuous talons in the 
fleece of defenseless innocence and consumed 
with avaricious avidity the vital flesh of the 
people's sustenance ; and the scallawags — the 
consciencelsss, cadaverous wolves of treason — 
gnawed the bones remaining to a baleful state 
of ghastly bleaching. 

The chastity of the mother, wife, sister and 
daughter was imperiled and their sacred per- 
sons were placed in jeopardy to the licentious 
longings of lust-crazed beasts in human form. 
Might ruled over Right. Life and living was 
made intolerable; the rasping, discordant 
notes of penury had displaced the heavenly 
harmony of domestic happiness and no man's 
home was secure. 


Ignorance, Lust and Hate seized the reins of 
State, and riot, rapine and universal ruin 
reigned supreme ; the highest form of cultured 
society was thrust down and its noble neck 
was forced under the iron heel of pernicious 
passion who yielded a potent scepter of in- 
quisitorial oppression, and the very blood of 
the Caucasian race was seriously threatened 
with an everlasting contamination. 

That anguish-laden cry of that defenseless 
people of the Southland , was heard and an- 
swered by the gallant knights of the Invisible 
Empire, and not one faltered or failed as Duty 
pointed the way in the ca 'ise of humanity and 
civilization; with a grim smile of sacred duty 
resting upon their manly countenances, im- 
pelled by an instinct of the race, they leaped 
into the saddle, borne upon the back of their 
faithful steeds, baptized with a suffusion of 
tears, they came ; they came, they saw, they 
conquered! From over the mysterious border- 
land from the Empire of the Soul the Ku Klux 
came. They were knight errantry in the high- 
est, noblest and gravest form personified. They 
responded to that call a hundred thousand 
strong, and rode forth with no blast of the 
trumpet or cheering shouts of the populace ; 
without the inspiration of oral eloquence or 
stirring strains of martial music, they rode 
forth to brave dangers and hardships unknown 
and to face death in a thousand forms. 

They dissipated the cruel storm of the Amer- 
ican reconstruction and won the plaudits of 
an intelligent, unprejudiced world. They 
stemmed the murky tide of despotic usurpa- 
tion and tyrannical greed, and rescued the 
entire country from utter disgrace and ruin. 
They re-established racial rights and the sov- 
ereignty of constitutional law, redressed the 
wrong, made secure political supremacy, start- 
ed anew the wheels of industry and made pos- 
sible the birth of the greatest nation of all 
time— the Re-United States of America. 

With a "fiery cross", symbol of the purest 


and most loyal patriotism, as their beacon, 
the Ku Klux rode through the darkness of 
Reconstruction's night; they dispelled the 
dense darkness of that frightful night, and at 
the rising of the sun of a glorious day, they 
saw the shades of that awful night receding. 
Right had been by them established over 
Might. The voice of music was again heard in 
the land ; their purpose and mission was end- 
ed ; they laid aside their spotless robes, and 
the greatest order of chivalry in all history 
disbanded — for the Ku Klux rode no more. 

The noble ride of the Ku Klux Klan is im- 
mortalized by their accomplishments, and is 
memorialized by the men of today who appre- 
ciate the chilvaric, holy and patriotic achieve- 
ments of the original Klan in the permanence 
of this our great fraternity. 

The Spirit of the Ku Klux Klan still lives, 
and should live a priceless heritage to be sa- 
credly treasured by all those who love their 
country, regardless of section, and are proud 
of its sacred traditions. That this spirit may 
live always to warm the hearts of manly men, 
unify them by the spirit of holy clanishness, 
to assuage the billowing tide of fraternal 
alienation that surges in human breasts, and 
inspire them to achieve the highest and no- 
blest in the defense of our country, our homes, 
each other and humanity, is the paramount 
ideal of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 

When the baleful blast of Reconstruction's 

storm was o'er, 
The valiant, chivalric Ku Klux rode no more. 
But ride on and on, thou spirit of that mystic 


In your noble mission for humanity's good; 
Until the clanish tie of klancraf t binds man to 

For our country, our homes and womanhood. 
"Non Silba Sed Anthar." 

All say in unison— "Not for self but for 



THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE— Geographically the 
universal jurisdiction of the order. 

A REALM— A sub-division of the Invisible 
Empire — a state or territory of the United 

A PROVINCE— A sub-division of a Realm— 
a county or a number of counties of a State 
or Territory. 

A KLANTON— The jurisdiction of a klan, 
from Canton — a corner or a small district. 

Convention of the Invisible Empire and is 
the supreme legislative body of the Order, 
— from convocation — an assembly called by 
higher authority. 

A KLORERO— Is the convention of a Realm 
from Korero— a convention. 

A KLONVERSE— Is the assembly of a Prov- 
ince, from converse— as in a conversation 
or conference. 

A KLONKLAVE— Is the gathering in secret 
session of a klan, from conclave — a secret 
meeting or locked room. 

THE GOVERNMENT of the Invisible Empire 
is vested with the Imperial Wizard, the Em- 
peror, assisted by his fifteen Genii— the Im- 
perial Officers constituting his official fami- 
ly ; the government of a Realm is vested with 
a Grand Dragon, assisted by his nine Hy- 
dras—the Grand Officers; the government 
of a Province is vested with a Great Titan, 
assisted by his twelve Furies — the Great 
Officers, and a Klan is governed by an Exalt- 
ed Cyclops, assisted by his twelve Terrors 
—the elective officers of a klan. 

THE KLORAN (The Book of the Klan)— 
Ritual and Lectures. 


KLAVERN— The meeting place of a klan; 
from cavera— a large cave. 

KLAN — The unit of the Order; from clan — a 
number of men of kindred purpose who are 
bound together by ah oath and who are 
very determined to enhance and protect 
each other's interest and welfare. 

KLANSMAN— A member of the klan ; the title 
of the first Order, or K-Uno. 

KLAN KOURIER— The title of the Official 

KLAVALIER — The soldier of the klan (Mili- 
tary Department), from cavalier — a courtly, 
polite, cultured and very courageous and 
skilful soldier of the 17th and 18th century. 

KLAVALKADE — A parade or other public 
exhibition; from cavalcade— a procession. 

ANNO KLAN— In the year of the Klan ; writ- 
ten thus : AK. 

ANNO DOMINI— In the year of our Lord; 
written thus: AD. 

IMPERIAL WIZARD— The Emperor of the In- 
visible Empire ; a wise man ; a wonder-work- 
er, having power to charm and control, 
from Vita— to know. The title is taken 
from the chief officer of the original Ku 
Klux Klan, who was designated as the Grand 

KLALIFF — A successor in office. 

KLOKARD— Lecturer or Teacher of the Klan, 
from Klo of Kloran, the book, and Kard, 
meaning a teacher or reader. 

KLUDD— Chaplain, from Culdee— the high 
priest of the ancient Druids. 

KLIGRAPP— The Secretary, from Kirogra- 
pher — one whose business is to write. 

KLABEE — The Treasurer, from Kaba— to 
keep, and Kees, an ancient Egyptian coin 
and means a purse. 


KLADD— The Conductor, from Kada — to lead 
or pull. 

KLAROGO — The Inner Guard, from caveo — 
to stop or beware, and interrogate, to ques- 

KLEXTER— The Outer Guard, from Ken— to 
look all around with the eyes, and External 

KLOKAN— An Investigator, from Ko' — to 
know, and Kannas — with the eyes. 

KLOKANN— The plural of Klokan— The Board 
of Investigators and Advisers. 

ecutive Committee ; composed of all the Im- 
perial Officers. 

IMPERIAL KLEPEER— A Supreme Delegate, 
from the words delegate and peers. 

GRAND DRAGON— A title from the original 
Ku Klux Klan — the Chief Officer of, a Realm. 

GREAT TITAN— A title from the original Ku 
Klux Klan— the Chief Officer of a Province. 

EXALTED CYCLOPS— The Chief Officer of 
a klan. Cyclops is from the original Ku 
Klux Klan. 

KLEAGLE— Title of an Organizer for the 

GIANT— A title from the original Ku Klux 
Klan. A Klan Giant is a Past Exalted Cy- 
clops ; a Great Giant is a Past Great Titan ; 
a Grand Giant is a Past Grand Dragon ; an 
Imperial Giant is a Past Imperial Wizard. 

NIGHT-HAWK— A title from the original Ku 
Klux Klan. He is the custodian of the Fiery 
Cross, which he carries in all ceremonies 
and Klavalkades. He entertains waiting 
aliens just prior to their naturalization.